Holocaust and Heroism שואה וגבורה

שואה וגבורה - אוסף בולים וגלויות
Holocaust and Heroism 
Stamp and Postcard Collection
Holocaust and Heroism
Day of issue - April 30, 1962
Complete set of Hitler Stamps (1943)
Registered Express cover from Berlin to Wien.
Air mail cover to Wien/ Austria (1941)
Censored and resealed,
2 different Swastika cancellations by the
Oberkommndo der Wehrmacht
1cent postal card and additional stamps (1940)
from San Francisco to Wien
Censored by The Nazi Oberkommando der Wehrmacht.
Day of issue - May 3rd, 1973.
Postcards: Auschwitz - Birkenau
"...On such a small area and in such a short time,
The biggest cementery in the world's history ...".
Ghetto Uprising
Detail from the Ghetto Fighters Monument in Warsaw
Day of issue - May 3rd, 1973.

50 years after the burning of the synagogues in Germany
Day of issue - Nov 9th, 1988
Special Delivery, Germany

Janusz Korczak
Day of issue - Dec 26th, 1962.
 The Holocaust - Souvenir Sheet
Mordechai Anilewicz (Warsaw Ghetto), Yosef Glazman 
(Vilna Ghetto).
Day of issue - June 7th, 1983.
Souvenir Leaf- Joint issue Israel-Poland
50 years since the Uprisings in The Ghettos and Concentration Camps.
Day of issue - April 18th, 1993.
 Honoring the Mobilization during The 2nd World War.
10th anniversary of the Jewish Parachuting 
Day of issue - Mar. 31st, 1955.
Haviva Reik, Enzo Hayyim Sereni. 
Day of issue - Sep. 1st, 1988.
Volunteers to The British Armed Forces 1939-1945 
Day of issue - Feb. 13th, 1979.
End of The 2nd World War and Liberation of The Camps
S/S - Day of issue - April 25th, 1995.
Maximumcards from Israel and Greece,
Day of issue - April/ May 1995.
Volunteers to The British Army in the 2nd World War
Maximumcard - Day of issue - April 25th, 1995.

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 Anne Frank
Day of issue - April 19th, 1988.
Holocaust Memorial-Diplomats,
 Righteous among The Nations
Day of issue - April 27th, 1998.
Revival of Holocaust Survivors in Israel
Day of issue - April 27th, 2003.
Souvenir Leaf
52 years since the Uprisings in The Ghettos.
Day of issue - April 27th, 1995.
Liberation of Concentration Camps
Day of issue - April 27th, 1965
The Memorial-Hall Main Entrance - Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.
Maximumcard - Day of issue - Feb. 7th, 1995.
The Living Memorial to the Jewish Children of the Holocaust.
Getto Fighters House.

Postcard: Stars, Triangles and Markings
used by the Nazis to identify their victims.
Holocaust Memorial Museum - Washington, USA.

In Memory, FDC, 2012
Justice in Jerusalem (1961), FDC, 2012